Election Day

“Eating is a political act.”

--Food journalist Michael Pollan, inspired by agrarian writer Wendell Berry

Why are you here in this CSA: what values drive your participation in this sort of agricultural, environmental, and social enterprise? Here are some common reasons people join CSAs:

For environmental or ecological reasons:you value caring for the natural world that we rely on

“Know your farmer,” the personal connection to your food:you value integrity and honesty in what you eat

For your and your family's health:you value access to what you need to lead a healthy life

To boost local small business:you value supporting the livelihoods of proprietors and employees of “main street” businesses

Eating rarely feels political, but whether you are here to make change in the world or just to buy some good food, it is very much a political act in that your choices drive social, economic, and regulatory change in the directions you care about.

You likely joined a CSA because of some of these values, and these values are front and center in our political world as well. If they are important to you when deciding what to feed yourself and your family, please consider these values when you cast your vote on Tuesday.